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Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY: Fun and Easy Halloween Jack O' Lantern Post Light Decoration

DIY: Fun and Easy Hallween Post Light Decoration
DIY: Fun and Easy Halloween Post Light Decoration

Save time and money by using existing parts of your home to create fun new ways to decorate for Halloween. We got the idea this fun and easy DIY from a home we saw while walking around the neighborhood. It really goes to show that you can pick up decorationg tips almost anywher by just keeping your eyes and mind open.

These clever folks have taken a store bought Jack O' Lantern and simply made a hole in the bottom large enough to cover the existing post light. The post is covered with garland that looks like fall leaves wrapped to complete this perfect fall scene. When the post light is turned on, the Jack O' Lantern lights up with a welcoming and slightly spooky Halloween glow.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the design of your post light and the bulbs used, it may get very hot. Make sure that the Jack O' Lantern you use is fire resistant and safe to use with lighting. Monitor it closely for any signs of overheating and turn off light if there are any signs of overheating. Always remember safety is job number one. 

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